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Alvarado, Steven - Guardianship

Case Last Refreshed: 10 months ago ago

On May 24, 2017 a Guardianship (General Jurisdiction) case was filed by Ramirez Esther, represented by against represented by in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County.

Case Details

Filing Date

May 24, 2017

Last Refreshed

February 24, 2021

Filing Location

Los Angeles County, CA


Guardianship (General Jurisdiction)

Practice Area


Matter Type




Case History

Type Description
Docket Event Minute Order
Docket Event Confidential Screening Form
Filed by Petitioner
Docket Event Notification - Cons/Guard Address
Docket Event Notice (of Probate Investigation Appointment - Esther Ramirez )
Filed by Court
Docket Event Notice - Hearing
Filed by Petitioner
Docket Event DISP: Granted-Initial Petition-After Crt Hrg/Trial
Docket Event Letters (Initial)
Filed by Petitioner
Docket Event Duties of Guardian
Filed by Petitioner
Docket Event in Probate Department 67, Barry, William, Presiding
Appointment Hearing - Conservator - Held - Continued

Judge: William

Docket Event Minute Order
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