What is a Certificate of Facts re: Unsatisfied Judgment?

Statutory Provision — Motor Vehicles

Cal. Veh. Code Sec. 16370 Section 16370 concerns the Suspension of driving privilege and provides in pertinent part:

“The department shall suspend the privilege of any person to operate a motor vehicle upon receiving a certified copy of a judgment, or a certified copy of the register of actions (or a comparable court record of another jurisdiction) in an action resulting in a judgment for damages, and a certificate of facts relative to the judgment, on a form provided by the department, indicating that the person has failed for a period of 30 days to satisfy a judgment rendered against him or her.”

(Ca. Veh. Code Sec. 16370)

Certificate of Facts Re: Unsatisfied Judgement (Form DL 30)

This form is required where the judgment is for more than $1,000 in property damage ($750 or more for accidents prior to January 1, 2017). When the form is received, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend the judgment debtor's license for up to six years.

Scope and Purpose

The California Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law provides that vehicle owners and/or drivers must be financially responsible for damages and/or injuries caused by the ownership or operation of their motor vehicle if that vehicle is involved in an automobile accident.

The party who is not at fault for the accident (unless compensated for damages and/or injuries), has the right to sue in civil court to recover monetary damages to property and/or for injuries resulting from the accident.

If the court awards a civil judgment against the "at fault party" (judgment debtor), and that party fails within 30 days to satisfy the judgment award, the California Vehicle Code (CVC) allows Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the person's driving privilege (Cal. Veh. Code Sec. 16370).


Under California Insurance Code Sec. 12950, concerning an application for certificate of facts and information desired, any person interested as owner, assignee, pledgee or payee, of any policy and desiring any information about such policy, may apply to the commissioner for a certificate of the facts or information desired. Such application, filed in duplicate, shall be accompanied by an affidavit, in duplicate, showing his interest in the policy. Ca. Ins. Code Sec. 12950

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Recent Rulings on Certificate of Facts re: Unsatisfied Judgment


On July 1, 2019, Plaintiff filed a Certificate of Facts Re Unsatisfied Judgment. Defendant Cassick filed the instant Motion to Dismiss Action (“the Motion”) on March 5, 2020. To date, no opposition has been filed. Discussion Defendant Cassick filed the instant Motion asking the Court to vacate the default judgment. As an initial matter, Defendant Cassick has not demonstrated proper notice of the Motion. Defendant filed a proof of service on July 14, 2020 but it does not indicate what papers were served.

  • Hearing

    Oct 19, 2020

  • County

    Los Angeles County, CA


The renewed judgment, which now totals $34,809.59, remains wholly unsatisfied. Judgment creditor moves for an order to charge the interest of defendant-judgment debtor Michael S. Russell in the limited liability company known as Stirrup Catering, LLC and the limited partnership known as Stirrup Catering, LP, with payment of the wholly unsatisfied amount of the judgment entered in this action. The motion was timely served and there is no opposition.

  • Hearing

    Feb 18, 2020


Moving Party: Judgment Creditor Alis Avedyan Responding Party: Spouse of Judgment Andranik Avedyan RELIEF SOUGHT: Order charging spouse with payment of unsatisfied judgment ANALYSIS: This motion is brought by defendant in this action, who was evidently the plaintiff in a case which has been deemed related to this case, and which has gone to judgment in favor of Alis Avedyan, who is now a Judgment Creditor and against Andranik Avedyan, who is now a Judgment Debtor.

  • Hearing

    Nov 22, 2019

  • Type

    Real Property

  • Sub Type

    Quiet Title


In addition, Defendant's position that she first learned of this judgment in February 2016 is contradicted by fact that her license would have been suspended by the DMV at some point after the accident and upon receipt of the Certificate of Facts RE Unsatisfied Judgment filed by the court and transmitted to the DMV. Upon her license being suspended, Defendant was on notice that there was an unsatisfied judgment.

  • Hearing

    Nov 17, 2016

  • Judge

    Elaine Lu or Yolanda Orozco

  • County

    Los Angeles County, CA


The license is suspended when the Department receives a certified copy of the judgment, or a certified copy of the register of actions in an action resulting in a judgment for damages, and a certificate of facts relative to the judgment, on a special form, DL-30 called “Certificate of Facts re Unsatisfied Judgment”. See 8 Cal. Jur. 3d Automobiles § 270.

  • Hearing

    Oct 07, 2016


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