What is battery (civil)?

“A battery is a violation of an individual’s interest in freedom from intentional, unlawful, harmful or offensive unconsented contacts with his or her person.” Rains v. Super. Ct. (1984) 150 Cal.App.3d 933, 938.

“The essential elements of a cause of action for battery are:

  1. The defendant touched plaintiff, or caused plaintiff to be touched, with the intent to harm or offend plaintiff;
  2. The plaintiff did not consent to the touching;
  3. The plaintiff was harmed or offended by defendant’s conduct; and
  4. A reasonable person in the plaintiff’s position would have been offended by the touching.”

So v. Shin (2013) 212 Cal.App.4th 652, 669.

“[T]he tort of battery generally is not limited to direct body-to-body contact. In fact, the commentary to the Restatement Second of Torts clearly states that the ‘[m]eaning of “contact with another’s person”’... does not require that one ‘should bring any part of his own body in contact with another’s person....[One] is liable [for battery] in this Section if [one] throws a substance, such as water, upon the other....’” Mount Vernon Fire Ins. Co. v. Busby (2013) 219 Cal.App.4th 876, 881.

“The element of lack of consent to the particular contact is an essential element of battery.” Rains, supra, 150 Cal.App.3d at p. 938. “As a general rule, one who consents to a touching cannot recover in an action for battery.... However, it is well-recognized a person may place conditions on the consent. If the actor exceeds the terms or conditions of the consent, the consent does not protect the actor from liability for the excessive act.” Ashcraft v. King (1991) 228 Cal.App.3d 604, 609–610; 278 Cal.Rptr. 900.

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Amended Document Filed - Complaint for Actual and Punitive Damages for B...

May 06 15 10:55a ” 1 ‘ me ee noe pé OC Oe ND || FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT [CASE NO. 14CECG03196] — PAGE! ELL nn OO Mark W. Kelsey (#295818) 877 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Ste. 208 sup MAY 06 208 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 EACH COURT OFC (ph) 925.476.5761; (fax) 925.476.5771 BY [email protected] SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF FRESNO B.F. SISK COURTHOUSE — UNLIMITED CIVIL ARTHUR MORENO, : Case No.: 14CECG03196° Plaintiff, | vs. | PLAINTIFF'S FIRST AMENDED ” COM

First Amended Complaint for Assault & Battery; Intentional Infliction of...

\ Robert A. Piering, Esq. State Bar No. 166858 John D. Beals, Esq. State Bar No.: 200596 PIERING LAW FIRM 775 University Avenue Sacramento, CA 95825 Telephone (246) 446-1944 Facsimile (916) 446-1222 Attorneys for Plaintiff Stephanie Koussaya Co ND KD A kW DN S STEPHANIE KOUSSAYA, Plaintiff, ht oe no VS, CITY OF STOCKTON; STOCKTON POLICE DEPARTMENT; OFFICER MARK BOLING; OFFICER DAVID BROWN; OFFICER BRAD BURRELL; OFFICER GEORGE CAMACHO; OFFICER RALPH DOMINGUEZ; OFFICER’ PANCHO FREER; O

SECOND Amended Complaint for Assault and Battery; Intentional Infliction...

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Request for Dismissal without Prejudice - Cause of Actions: (Battery and...

STORNEY OR PARTY WATHOUT ATTL 1, State Gur number arc actives). FOR COURT USE OWLY ‘ve D. Dudensing (SB. 61) ow Firm of Jan Duden Oe reet Sact. », CA 95814 TEL. 9:(916) 448-3122 Fax no (Onvonay (916) 2- Y E-mail ADRESS ATTORNEY FOR myra Bustos SUPERIOR COU. *ALIFORNIA, COUNTY © amento STREET ADORESS: + oth Street MAKING ADORESS: ‘cary ano 2° cove Sacra. CA 95814 ranch name: Civil a PTITIONER/PLAINTIFF: Tal.” Yay 'StOs RE: TIOEFENDANT: Faces, Ii. ~ al. a CASE NUNRER: OF OF SERVICE BY. SLASS MAIL—

Cross-Complaint for Assault, Battery, Negligent Infliction of Emotional ...

oy Dw A Ne) . 10 lL 12 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 FILED Gary G. Goyette, Esq.- SBN 224715 19 -6& PHl2: 02 Rachel E, Simons, Esq. — SBN 322804 FEB 6 ° GOYETTE & ASSOCIATES, INC. ROSA SUMO A Professional Law Corporation A (4 2366 Gold Meadow Way, Suite 200 ay oN Gold River, CA 95670 Ph: (916) 851-1900 Fax: (916) 851-1995 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Attomeys for Defendant KENNETH JOHN’ SAN AGUSTIN SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA

Request for Dismissal - Cause(s) of Action (Assault and Battery cause of...

TTORNEY OR PARTY WATHOUT A Name. S number, and addin - = FOR COURT USE ONLY ert P. Biegler, SBN 6. i Wersity Ave., Sacran. SA 95825 » ~*D/ENDORSEL TLEPHONE NO: 916-927-3s FAX NO. (Optoma | 6 2018 EMA, 5 (Ophone!y a avemek Amidon By: Oepu Meiwnens ‘SUPERIOR . OF eee COUN) ~acramento street 720 Sth MAILING ADU crvanczeco. -“famento 95814 BRANCH NAME: PLAINTIFF/PETITIONE: ‘don NDANT/RESPONDENT: < =ndoscopy Center, et [ REL a, FOR DISMISSAL CASEN 34-2018-00226787 Ace ad copy wi


CUA San Francisco Superior Courts Information Technology Group Document Scanning Lead Sheet Apr-10-2008 4:35 pm Case Number: CGC-06-448942 Filing Date: Apr-09-2008 4:33 Juke Box: 001 Image: 02086366 JURY VERDICT DOUGLAS REILLY et al VS. CALIOFORNIA PACIFIC MEDICAL CENTER, A et al 001C02086366 Instructions: Please place this sheet on top of the document to be scanned.oC DN DO Rh WHY A BN BRBRRPRNRNNY eB ae wan ann aa. avr Pr F PNA See NTSEHERESRIAGS IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF

Case Management Statement filed by Pacific Battery Corporation dba Ameri...

& : CM-110 ‘ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and eddress): FOR COURT USE 0 13 Charles L. Hastings SBN 88599 / Natali A. Ron SBN 302927 SUPERIOR COURT-SAN JOAQUIN Law Offices of Charles L. Hastings 4568 Feather River Drive, Suite A, Stockton, CA 98219 M19 AUG -2 PH 3: 25 TELEPHONE No.: (209) 476-1010 FAX NO. (Optionay: (209) 952-7854 ROSA JU CIRO. CLERK E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optianay: ATTORNEY FOR (Name): Defendants, Pacific Battery Corporation, et al. SUPERIOR C



General Denial filed by Pacific Battery Corporation dba American Battery...

- - - HY 0B PLD-050 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address): ‘Natali A. Ron SBN 302937 “ ‘ups ron opr UsEOEy Law Offices of Charles L. Hastings PERIOR COURT-SAN JOAQUIN 4568 Feather River Drive, Suite A Stockton, CA 95219 29 HA Mo DT TeLerHONENO: 209 476-1010 ——raxno, onions: 209 952-7854 PH AT PH 3: Oi E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional): RAS fH , ATTORNEY FOR Wane: Defendant Douglas Ramos Penbaviog ey GLE SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, GOUNTY OF SAN JOAQUIN BY. street

Request for Default against Pacific Battery Corporation dba American Bat...

Civ-100 [ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY: ‘STATE BAR NO: Naw: SCOTT MALM, #84198 / DOROTHY LUTHER, #229243 Finunave: MALM FAGUNDES LLP STREET ADDRESS:2351 WEST MARCH LANE, SUITE A lcrry.STOCKTON state: CA zip cope. 95207 TELEPHONE NO.: (209) 870-7900 FaXNO.: (209) 870-7922 E-MAIL ADoRess: [email protected] / [email protected] ATTORNEY FOR (nanw): Raymond Investment Corporation FOR COURT USE ONLY FICEDB HO HAR 12 PM 3:08 "4 rite CLERK py MAA AY SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIF

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